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Craftglaze Ltd specialises in applying structural glazing systems to a vast range of buildings; small, large, high or inaccessible, throughout Wollaton and the East Midlands. Structural glazing can transform any building, giving it a modern contemporary look.

Structural glazing systems offer an appearance of the glass being frame-less, with the glass being tailored to match the client’s needs, i.e. tinted for heat reduction and light reflection or for the presentation of open plan living.

Structural glazing provides a high flexibility in regards to the utilisation and framework finish, and consists of a fully or partially framed internal finish, with the framed internal appearance providing a more traditional look.

Structural glazing systems can also be very versatile, allowing a whole range of glazing / glass to be incorporated within the unit including, High Performance, Low Emissivity (Low E Glazing), Acoustic Laminates and Spandrel Glazing.
Structural Glazing systems are a brilliant, cost effective solution for contemporary glass design.

Project managing the whole job through to completion, Craftglaze Ltd will design, manufacture and install your structural glazing, tailoring each job to the customer’s individual needs in Wollaton

  • Laminated Glass Wollaton
  • Frameless Glass Wollaton
  • Shuffle Glass Wollaton
  • Tinted Glass Wollaton
  • Bolted Glass Wollaton
  • Frameless Double Glazed Wollaton
  • Frameless Single Glazed Wollaton
  • With / Without Fins
  • AP (Armoured Plated Glass) Walls and Doors Wollaton
  • Structurally Glazed Facades
  • Structural Glazed Building Fronts
  • Structurally Glazed Roof Lights
  • Structurally Glazed Skylights
  • Structurally Glazed Canopies
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